Angira Villa

Dear Guests,

We closely monitor the COVID-19 updates and meticulously follow the instructions set by both the World Health Organization (WHO), the Hellenic National Health Organization (EODY), and the Hellenic Tourism Organization (EOT).

Based on government orders and instructions, we will open safely and welcome visitors for arrivals starting on June 15, 2020, with the strict hygiene standards we have set, to ensure a safe, healthy and welcoming environment!

Our staff has been trained for Covid-19 and for all the necessary procedures in order to create a safe environment for our guests.Hand sanitizers have been installed in public areas, including the reception area, dining area, shared bathrooms and offices.We provide disinfectant, protective masks and gloves to our staff, according to the instructions of EODY.

We carry out cleaning and disinfection in all public areas with increased frequency, with special emphasis on the points of frequent contact. We placed special signs in all public areas, informing our guests to observe social distance, wear masks and take the prescribed personal hygiene measures. Our hotel was properly prepared for the safety of the health of our guests, according to the instructions of EODY, creating a special management team of suspicious case Covid-19, in collaboration with doctors, to prevent and suppress any emergency medical event during of their residence.

Also, according to the Greek legislation, but also according to the instructions of EODY, a COVID-19 file is kept in our hotel, for our guests and our associates. In particular, we are obliged to record: Room Number, Name, Nationality, Passport Number, Country of Origin, Date of Birth, Date of Arrival and Departure and contact details (address, telephone, email), to detect contacts in case of a virus case.

The reception now takes place outdoors while at the same time we proceeded to change the Departure hours until 11.00 am and Arrival from 4.00 pm, so that there is a possibility to properly ventilate, clean and disinfect our rooms. We proceeded to special markings for the observance of safety distances. Finally, frequent and meticulous disinfection of frequent contact surfaces and all items received or delivered to guests is performed.

We removed the printed material, most of the decorative elements, a large part of the additional equipment and clothing, which are now provided on request. We take care of the air conditioners according to the manufacturer’s instructions and set them in non-recirculating air mode. We perform ventilation, cleaning and meticulous disinfection in all rooms upon departure, using appropriate and approved cleaning and disinfecting materials and equipment (steam cleaners), with special emphasis on frequent contact points – headboards, baths, sinks, sinks, sinks, knobs, hair dryers, controls (especially in the controls we place disposable covers), thermostats, refrigerators, kettles, coffee makers, wardrobes, hangers, safe boxes, sockets, switches, handrails, chairs, sofas, armchairs, etc., while during your stay , room cleaning and change of clothing is by arrangement.

The buffet is served only by our staff, in outdoor or semi-outdoor areas, with increased hygiene measures using a protective mask and disposable gloves, in order for the customer not to have contact with the food and utensils of the buffet, we have We took care of the observance of the foreseen distances both between the persons and between the benches and finally we applied a ceiling of visitors in all the spaces.Finally, we thoroughly disinfect the tables and chairs with appropriate disinfectants after each use.

Food Departments
In the area of ​​the restaurant and the bar, the attendance is done with the use of disinfectant, we take care of the observance of the foreseen distances both between the persons and between the table seats.At the request of the customer, there is the possibility to offer printed menus, which are disinfected, with appropriate disinfectants, after each use.All our delicacies are served ala carte by our staff, in outdoor or semi-outdoor areas, with increased hygiene measures, using a protective mask and disposable gloves and finally we applied a maximum of visitors.

Finally, thoroughly disinfect the tables with appropriate disinfectants after each use and cover the tables with disposable tablecloths or placemats.

In the pool, during its operation, we carry out the prescribed regular checks of chlorination and PH of the water, we carry out regular cleaning of the surrounding area, we took care to observe the prescribed safety distances on the sunbeds and chairs, which are thoroughly disinfected after each use and we take care of the observance of the maximum number of bathers (1 bather per 5 sq.m. of water surface).

Other Departments – Shared Areas
We arranged the furniture in all the sections and the common areas, in such a way as to ensure the provided, as the case may be, social distance. At the same time, we optimized the cleaning and disinfection instructions for all our departments with increased cleaning and disinfection actions behind closed doors, with emphasis on the points of frequent contact, and finally we have applied a maximum visitor ceiling in all areas.

But at the same time to point out the special features of our accommodation:

  • The reception of the guests now takes place in an open space.
  • Our common areas are all, or most, outdoor or semi-outdoor.
  • Our private Parking is in open air.Ø Breakfast and dining are offered outdoors.
  • Our Bar is in open air.Ø The entrance to the rooms is made from independent outdoor entrances.
  • It is possible to choose the frequency and the way of cleaning the rooms.

All of us at Villa Angira and each of us personally, assure you that we will do whatever is necessary for the safety of you, us, our families and our community. We ask you, your understanding and cooperation and compliance with the instructions of the Greek State and the Authorities, so that we are able to welcome you and host you on your most beautiful trip, with the greatest possible safety.

Until then, stay safe….